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Our services include Welding and Machining, which we find is very suitable for our customers who bring in their project that involves Aluminum, Cylinders, Expanded Mental, Pipe, PTO Shaft, and Steel. We have several years of experience in the steel industry and fabrication that in years past has given us the ability to fit the costumer's budget. 

The Machining is another department that combines the Steel and Fabrication to a precise level for project. This gives our customers an OEM quality that fits their needs and expectation for completion of their projects. 

Service Calls

The welding jobs extend beyond our store to your location with our service to you. With a phone call, you can get the quick fix you need to continue and/or bring it to our shop for further repair. If it is a project that you need started and completed we offer this with a scheduled appointment (please include details so we can fully acquire your needs).


Walk-ins are welcome but please keep in mind that there are scheduled projects before you and have been given a time of completion.Type your paragraph here.